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Record Low Temperatures Sweep the Southeast and Wreak Havoc on Mississippi Roads

According to TBO, the severe winter weather that swept through the southeast earlier this month has resulted in at least 10 deaths. Record low temperatures left roads everywhere iced over, and several states advised residents to avoid driving for days at a time.

car on winter road in the morning

Because states like Mississippi do not get a lot of ice and snow, local municipalities do not have the resources to clear the roads as quickly as those in the north, where several feet of snow are expected to fall every winter. As a result, a light dusting in Mississippi can contribute to dozens more motor vehicle collisions than 6 or 8 inches of powder in New Hampshire.

If you were involved in a car accident with a reckless driver despite exercising caution for the conditions, you may be entitled to compensation for hospital bills, lost income, vehicle repairs, and other damages. Turn to Heilman Law Group to discuss your case with a compassionate car accident attorney in Jackson and determine the most strategic way to proceed.

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How Can You Stay Safe When Driving in Wintry Weather?

Even if you are not a native Mississippian and have extensive experience driving in foul weather, it’s always a good idea to review safe driving tips every winter. Read on to learn how you can stay safe when there is ice or snow on the road:

  1. Make Gradual Maneuvers

When the roads are slick, you are far more likely to lose control of your vehicle and cause some kind of collision. To reduce the risk of skidding or fishtailing, make more gradual, deliberate maneuvers in the snow, and avoid stopping suddenly or turning sharply.

  1. Leave More Stopping Distance

Cars require significantly more stopping distance in rain, snow, and ice. As a result, you should slow down and leave even more space than usual between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Avoid tailgating, and keep your eyes on the road so you can brake in time if the car ahead stops short.

  1. Know Your Limits

Even the best winter tires and most advanced safety features are no match for Mother Nature in certain circumstances. Know your vehicle’s limits, and do not take any unnecessary risks when driving in the snow.

  1. Plan for the Worst

Fortunately, getting stranded in several feet of snow is highly improbable in Mississippi; however, it is still wise to prepare for the worst. Buy or make an emergency kit to keep in the trunk, and add a few extra blankets, some nonperishables snacks, and plenty of bottled water.

Sadly, even the most cautious motorists can find themselves in a devastating crash with a reckless driver when road conditions are poor. If you were hurt in a car accident that was not your fault, contact Heilman Law Group today.

Call 601-914-1025 to schedule a consultation with a Jackson accident law attorney. If you want to learn more about collision claims in Mississippi, visit the USAttorneys website.


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