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What Are the 3 Categories of Driving Distractions?

Do you remember learning how to drive? The first few times you got behind the wheel, you were probably overwhelmed by all the factors you had to consider at any given moment, from speed to lane positioning to the space between your car and the vehicle ahead.

Fortunately, navigating safely in traffic becomes easier with time; however, you should never get so comfortable with driving that you become complacent. No matter how much experience you have behind the wheel, operating a motor vehicle is a demanding task that calls for your full attention at all times.

Despite the potentially life-threatening consequences of distracted driving, it remains a serious problem around the nation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1,000 people sustain injuries every single day in motor vehicle collisions involving a distracted driver.

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Read on to learn about the three kinds of driving distractions:

  1. Manual

Manual driving distractions are those that force motorists to take their hands off the steering wheel. Some examples of manual distractions include:

  • Eating or drinking;
  • Smoking;
  • Adjusting a child’s seat belt;
  • Digging through your purse; or
  • Adjusting the radio, temperature control, or navigation system.

You can avoid falling victim to manual distractions by keeping your phone out of reach and making all necessary mirror, seat belt, and navigation adjustments prior to puling out of the parking space.

  1. Cognitive

Cognitive distractions are often harder to avoid than manual ones because your mind naturally wanders when you are bored. A cognitive distraction is anything that takes your attention off the traffic around you. This includes:

  • Talking on a hands free device;
  • Conversing with passengers;
  • Thinking about your to-do list; and
  • Daydreaming.
  1. Visual

A visual driving distraction is anything that takes your eyes off the road. Examples include:

  • Checking on children in the backseat;
  • Applying or checking your makeup;
  • Reviewing the route on a navigation system; and
  • Turning to look at a collision on the shoulder as you pass.

Some of the most common driving distractions fall under more than one of the above categories. Texting, for example, falls under all three.

Typing out a message on your phone takes your eyes off the road, your mind off traffic, and your hands off the wheel. Adjusting a GPS device can also be considered a triple threat, as can eating, drinking, or applying makeup.

Unfortunately, even if you avoid driving while distracted, you cannot rely on other motorists to do the same. If you sustained injuries in a crash with someone who was not paying attention, contact Heilman Law Group today.

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