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7 Habits All Truck Drivers Should Have to Help Prevent an Accident

If you are just starting out in the trucking industry or have been working for a company in Mississippi for a few months now, it is important for you understand that driving a large truck isn’t always the easiest of jobs, even if you are the only vehicle traveling on a long stretch of road for an extended period of time. Operating a truck, whether it is a box truck or a big rig, isn’t the same as driving a small passenger vehicle car although you can implement some of the same safety measures in both types of vehicles to help avoid an accident.

The fact is, there are certain habits you want to implement as a truck driver and things you also want to avoid. But, being that you are new to the industry, you may not be aware of what all of these are. In an effort to help keep you safe while you are out working and operating your truck, below are a few of the things truck drivers should always do.

Truck drivers should always:

  1. Scan the road regularly. You are going to want to get in the habit of scanning the roadway, both in front of your truck, beside it, and behind it and monitor the roadway and traffic conditions. Remember, just because you might be a responsible driver doesn’t exactly mean the others around you are too.
  2. Acknowledge when there is a change in speed or lane position that might require you to adjust your driving.
  3. Check your blind spots regularly and keep track of the vehicles that enter or leave these areas. Sometimes, vehicles will drive beside trucks for a long period of time and because the trucker failed to track whether the vehicle passed or not, they could attempt to get over and collide right into the vehicle.
  4. Drive courteously. Sometimes, drivers of smaller cars fail to take into account how difficult it is to operate a truck and maneuver it when traffic slows, but truckers sometimes also fail to drive cautiously which could lead to a serious or even fatal accident involving a much smaller vehicle.
  5. Avoid blocking traffic and operate your truck at a safe and appropriate speed.
  6. Operate your truck in a smooth manner. As you know, there are some days where you will be required to transport a heavy load and one incorrect shift of the wheel could cause your entire truck to tip over.
  7. Avoid blocking vehicles and “integrate with traffic.”

[Source:  JRC Transportation Inc.].

Now, despite your efforts to help prevent an accident, not always can one be avoided. And if you have recently been involved in a truck collision in Jackson, MS and haven’t spoken with a truck accident attorney, now would be a good time to call the Heilman Law Group, PA. We can assess your accident, determine how much your injuries are worth, and help you recover this amount. Now is the time when you should be focusing on recovering, not having to make calls to your insurance company or even your employer’s insurance carrier so that your claim gets filed and you are properly compensated. If you would like to receive a free consultation so that we can discuss your recent incident in depth, you can visit us or call us at:

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