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Tips to Safely Operate a Moving Truck

If you aren’t a commercial truck driver or don’t have much experience with operating a large truck, you might find it rather difficult to drive a moving truck as these vehicles are much larger than the average passenger vehicle. Aside, from adding to the stress associated with moving, a moving truck can also contribute to making your move more dangerous if you aren’t familiar with how you should be maneuvering the vehicle on the roadway.

Therefore, if you are planning on moving into a city within Mississippi or preparing to move elsewhere, here are a few tips U-Haul has to offer, which is one of many moving truck companies to choose from in the event you have to move.

  1. Remember to drive slower. You are in a much larger vehicle now that is transporting heavier items inside. This means you will want to travel at the recommended speed limit or even slower as you won’t have nearly as much time to stop in the event traffic slows than you would had you been operating your small car or truck.
  2. Keep a safe traveling distance from the car in front of you. U-Haul recommends that this space should be equivalent to the amount of space that five vehicles would take up. The truth is, you never know when the person in front might come to an abrupt stop or when the traffic ahead will begin to slow. And if you ride too close to the car directly in front of you or tailgate, your chances of rear-ending them increase significantly
  3. Begin applying your brakes sooner. It is a good idea to begin applying your brakes sooner when the speed limit reduces or traffic is slowing down as the truck will take longer to stop than the average vehicle.
  4. Give yourself extra room when turning. U-Haul says, “your truck will cut corners more on turns so always go into turns with enough room between you and the curb,” especially when making a right turn.
  5. Take your time when switching lanes. Be sure to use your turn signals and use caution before getting over. Large vehicles such as a U-Haul or Penske truck tend to have blind spots which makes it harder to see cars that are traveling on the side of you.
  6. Use added caution when backing up. Be sure when you back up, you do so slowly. If you have someone to help guide you when backing up, take advantage of their help. They can guide you into a parking space or driveway and help you avoid hitting another vehicle or worse, a person.

U-Haul has a few other tips to offer and you can view what these are by clicking here.

While it would be nice to hire a moving company to come and take care of transporting your belongings from one location to the next, sometimes, we find ourselves having to take on the task alone. So, if you are planning on renting a moving truck, be sure to implement these tips as well as others you may already be aware of so that your move is a safe and successful one. However, if you recently were involved in a truck collision in Mississippi while operating a moving truck or any other type of truck and could benefit from some legal advice, contact the Jackson, MS truck crash attorneys at the Heilman Law Group, PA.

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