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What Vehicle Adjustments Can Your Elderly Loved One Make to Help Make Their Ride a Safer One?

Did you know that “seniors aged 65 and over are more than twice as likely as younger drivers to be killed when involved in a crash,” according to the AAA? Although seniors aren’t prohibited from driving once they reach a certain age, the task does become a little more challenging for some as age tends to affect certain things like eyesight and reaction time. And the fact is, there are some affordable adjustments seniors could be making that are geared toward helping improve their level of safety while they drive. So, if you are a senior who is still actively operating a motor vehicle, below we are sharing with you what some of these adjustments are given the statistics and the fact that driving today is rather risky for anyone.

  1. Add a cushion or seat pad to the driver’s seat. AAA says that this can help “improve your line of sight and can help alleviate back or hip pain.” Being able to have a clear view of the roadway ahead is extremely important and can help you to spot erratic drivers, pedestrians, and even bicyclists.
  2. Install a convex/multifaceted mirror. This could help “improve visibility and minimize blind spots.” Aside from being able to see directly in front of you, you also want to be able to see all around your vehicle. The other benefit is you can minimize blind spots which could help alleviate an accident. As you know, blind spots can really be dangerous, especially when you are looking to switch lanes.
  3. Add a pedal extension. This can help “drivers obtain a safe distance from the steering wheel/airbag and optimize visibility.” In all reality, not all vehicles are made to cater to all types of drivers. And for some, reaching the pedal might be a challenge. So, if this is something you are struggling with, consider adding a pedal extension.
  4. Buy a steering wheel cover. While it might not seem like a necessity, a steering wheel cover will help with your grip, especially for drivers who suffer from arthritis in their hands.
  5. Install hand controls. This feature would allow you “to perform all vehicle maneuvers and functions without the use of lower extremities.”

While Dr. David Yang, who is the executive director of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, says that “many seniors are considered to be safe drivers, they are the most vulnerable.” And because you are considered to be more at risk of engaging in an accident, it is important you make the necessary adjustments to your vehicle if you are adamant about driving but find it to be difficult at times.

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