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Drowsy Driving Prevention Week Will Begin on November 5th and Run Through the 12th

Here’s what you need to know.

Drowsy driving, among other things, has become a serious issue for motorists all across the U.S. People are getting behind the wheel of their vehicles without getting in enough rest which significantly impacts their ability to operate their car or truck safely. Unfortunately, many fail to make the connection between drowsy driving and the risk it carries with it which is why accidents continue to occur. Because drowsy driving has developed into the issue that it has, the National Safety Council as well as the National Sleep Foundation has devoted an entire week to recognizing the problem and sharing ways to prevent it.

During this time, the organizations mentioned above will their some time educating and informing individuals on why it is important to get enough rest each and every day as well as why individuals should refrain from getting behind the wheel of an automobile when they are feeling tired. The National Sleep Foundation has already begun to share some of the resources they hope will circulate all around the country and encourage you to share them with your friends and loved ones as well to help spread awareness. Two of these resources are shared below for your convenience:

Drowsy Driving Prevention Tips

Although the two organizations have provided some helpful tips on the downloadable infographics provided above, we felt it was necessary to review some with you below.

With 90,000 crashes reported in 2015 involving drowsy driving, it is evident motorists need to become more informed on the issue and implement strategies to help keep them from operating their vehicles when they are overly fatigued [Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration]. Some tips the National Sleep Foundation believe can help prevent drowsy driving include:

  • Get in at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Although life can be difficult and our responsibilities tend to interfere with our sleep time, it is important that you make it a point to get in enough rest. Not only is it more strenuous on your body to operate a vehicle while tired, but it also increases your chances of engaging in an accident.
  • If you have been up for 24 hours or more, don’t attempt to drive. The fact is, it isn’t safe.
  • If you are feeling sleepy but know that you have to drive, consume a caffeinated beverage and eat some foods that contain nutrients that increase energy levels.
  • If you have to drive for long periods of time or your job requires you to operate a commercial truck for several hours at a time, be sure to pull over and take nap somewhere safe if you find yourself nodding off or feeling tired. You can also try stopping every 100 miles or every two hours just to give your eyes a rest from concentrating on the road.
  • If you are planning on taking a road trip, be sure to travel only during the times you are normally awake.

Although it is inevitable that we will all feel tired and overly fatigued at certain times of the day, never should you take the risk and operate a vehicle under these circumstances.

I was recently involved in an auto accident in Jackson, MS caused by a drowsy driver. What should I do?

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