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What are the Most Common Types of Car Crashes and How Do I Avoid Them?

As you may already know, Geico is one of the leading auto insurance companies in the U.S. providing coverage to thousands of drivers each and every year. Aside from providing insurance protection to drivers, they also handle claims that are submitted when an accident occurs. And based on the numerous claims they have received in Read More

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Tips to Safely Operate a Moving Truck

If you aren’t a commercial truck driver or don’t have much experience with operating a large truck, you might find it rather difficult to drive a moving truck as these vehicles are much larger than the average passenger vehicle. Aside, from adding to the stress associated with moving, a moving truck can also contribute to Read More

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Can a Chiropractor Treat Truck Accident Injuries?

Chiropractors, unlike most physicians, use less invasive approaches to help treat individuals who might be suffering from chronic neck/shoulder pain, back pain, and injuries they sustained in a car or truck collision. Many individuals who have been involved in an accident with a truck or while operating a truck have been known to suffer from Read More

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What Vehicle Adjustments Can Your Elderly Loved One Make to Help Make Their Ride a Safer One?

Did you know that “seniors aged 65 and over are more than twice as likely as younger drivers to be killed when involved in a crash,” according to the AAA? Although seniors aren’t prohibited from driving once they reach a certain age, the task does become a little more challenging for some as age tends Read More

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Recalls More Than 1.1 Million Ram Trucks

On Thursday, August 2nd, Fiat Chrysler announced that the company was recalling approximately 1.1 million Ram trucks after learning that “the tailgate locking mechanism may be faulty.” The recall was put into motion as a precaution to prevent accidents from occurring as the tailgates of these vehicles could potentially unlock, causing the contents inside the Read More

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Wrong Way Driver in Mississippi Hits 4 Motorcyclists, Kills 2

A tragic accident claimed the lives of two motorcyclists on a Mississippi roadway after a pickup truck decided to drive the wrong way. It was Saturday, July 28th around 2:34 p.m. when the driver of a Chevrolet pickup truck traveling west on Hwy 463 swerved into the eastbound lanes occupied by four motorcyclists [Source: WLBT]. Read More

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Is Mississippi One of the Deadliest States to Drive in?

No matter what stretch of road a driver might be traveling on, there is always a chance that an accident can happen. But, based on the most recent data that has been published, it appears Mississippi is one state that is prone to having accidents occur. But why? According to Mississippi Today, there are multiple Read More

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7 Habits All Truck Drivers Should Have to Help Prevent an Accident

If you are just starting out in the trucking industry or have been working for a company in Mississippi for a few months now, it is important for you understand that driving a large truck isn’t always the easiest of jobs, even if you are the only vehicle traveling on a long stretch of road Read More

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Road rage in Jackson

In the past three months there have been three incidents involving road rage – emotionally and physically out of control drivers – that have resulted in injuries, death and arrests in Jackson.  Road rage is generally defined as “violent anger” caused by the stress and “frustration of driving a motor vehicle in difficult conditions.” 

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Deadly trucking accidents

A recent semi-truck crash resulted in the death of Brooks Brownlee, a popular and beloved member of the Brownlee Farms family.  According to authorities Brownlee was heading to Red Banks with a pick-up truck full of strawberries when he was struck by the semi-truck. 

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