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3 Kinds of Personal Injury Compensation You Might Be Entitled to After a Car Accident

As too many of us have experienced, being a safe driver doesn’t always keep you safe from reckless and negligent drivers. In fact, as AllLaw reports, car accidents are the most common kind of personal injury case. So if you’ve been injured in a car accident and you believe the other driver was at fault, Read More

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6 Safety Tips Car Drivers Can Use to Help Decrease Truck Accidents

Whether you drive an SUV or a compact car, it can be intimidating to drive among 80,000-pound 18-wheelers on the highway, and your fears are not ungrounded. 18-Wheeler collisions are some of the most deadly motor vehicle accidents out there – accounting for 3,852 deaths in 2015 alone, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Read More

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What You Need to Know About 18-Wheeler Accidents

The Danger of Large Truck Accidents Did you know? 18-Wheeler trailer-trucks may require as much as 40% more time to stop than a car. The average car weighs 3,000 pounds, while the average 18-Wheeler can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Add heavy loads and heavy equipment and you’ve got some of the most potentially Read More

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Do I Need an Emergency Kit in My Car?

And if so, what belongs in it? In today’s day and age, many individuals are all about the fast-paced life. With technology only making it easier to live that way, sometimes, we forget some of the things we should be doing as we are so consumed with our day to day tasks. While most hop Read More

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What are the Top 10 Auto Insurers for 2018?

Choosing the right car insurance carrier to purchase a policy from is an important decision that requires a lot of thought and research. After all, you do you want your car or truck to be properly protected in the event of a car accident right? While there are a number of different companies available in Read More

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Tractor Trailer Driver Kills 3 in Crash, Admits to Having 7 or 8 Drinks Before Operating Truck

The operator of a tractor-trailer from Mississippi is responsible for killing three individuals after causing a collision on I-83 in PA back in October. The Clarion Ledger reported that the driver, who has been identified as Jack Edwards Satterfield III, 29, failed to stop his truck in time as traffic was beginning to slow on Read More

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Parking Lot Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers

Christmas will be here in just a few days and you may be like most trying to get in those last-minute shopping trips to pick up the remaining items you need. Whether you are heading out for supplies for the party you are throwing or have a few more Christmas presents to purchase, then you Read More

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What Events are Being Held in Jackson, MS this Holiday Season?

If you don’t have any plans for the Christmas holiday yet you are looking for some exciting things for you and the family to do, the Clarion Ledger has highlighted a number of events that are being held in Jackson you might consider attending that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the fun and Read More

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Daylight Savings Time Driver Safety Tips

On Sunday, November 4th, daylight savings time comes to an end which means clocks are turned back and we must adjust back to having the sun shine brightly early in the morning and the sun setting earlier in the evening. Although most are able to adjust to the time change after about a week or Read More

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MDOT Urges Motorists to Drive with Caution Around Work Zones

In an effort to help protect Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) workers and others who have been hired to complete a roadway job, MDOT is asking that motorists drive with caution around work zone areas, especially when they see crews present. MDOT’s Executive Director, Melinda McGrath, sent out a message on Twitter a few weeks Read More

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