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Do Not Ignore These 5 Symptoms Following a Car Accident

Motor vehicle collisions can be traumatic, and it is easy to get so caught up in the subsequent claims process that you neglect your health. It does not help that some of the most common car accident injuries, like whiplash, have latent symptoms.

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5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in the Rain

Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, and when conditions are wet, the risk of getting into a collision only increases. If you ride frequently, though, you will likely get caught in the rain at some point.

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Fatal Collision Between Truck, SUV Occurs at Intersection on Highway 67

According to WLOX, a fatal collision occurred at the intersection where East Wortham Road meets Highway 67 in Harrison County earlier this month. The accident happened at around 5:45 p.m. on the Friday before Christmas and resulted in the death of a 52-year-old woman.

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Why Is Road Travel So Dangerous over Thanksgiving Weekend?

What do you love most about Thanksgiving? Although everyone enjoys the mouthwatering food and inspired cocktails, your answer probably has more to do with the company.

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How Can You Avoid Pedestrian Accidents?

The simple act of putting on a seat belt is a subtle reminder that riding in a motor vehicle is inherently dangerous, and there is always the chance of getting into a collision. There are no such reminders for pedestrians, though, and as a result, people on foot may rarely think about the potential risks Read More

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Can a Pedestrian Ever Be at Fault in a Collision?

Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians are almost always devastating for the pedestrians involved. People who are walking have essentially no protection from cars, and because of this, motorists owe a certain duty of care to those on foot.

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4 Defensive Driving Tips to Help You Avoid a Collision This Holiday Season

You have probably heard the term “defensive driving,” but have you ever stopped to think about the kinds of skills it might require? The National Safety Council established the first defensive driving course in 1964, which means nearly all motorists on the road today have had the opportunity to learn about this approach since the Read More

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How Long Must Truckers Retain Their Logs and Supporting Documents?

Trucking is a demanding job, and when commercial drivers fail to exercise caution on their routes, they put everyone on the road around them in serious danger. In an attempt to prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of drowsy driving collisions, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) devised regulations that limit how long truckers Read More

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Jackson State Student Sustains Injuries in Pedestrian Collision on Campus

According to MS New Now, a student at Jackson State was hurt when a car struck her while she was walking on campus. The pedestrian accident occurred shortly after 3:30 p.m. on a Tuesday earlier this month.

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How Can You Stop Your Friends from Drinking and Driving on New Year’s Eve?

Champagne is as much a part of New Year’s Eve as eggnog is of Christmas. Of course, a single flute of crisp bubbly is not the only drink that most people will consume when ringing in the New Year.

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