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Home Structural Warranty Claim

Denial of New Home Structural Warranty Claim in Jackson, Mississippi

Many buyers of new homes believe they are protected by new home structural warranties. Yet, according to the New York Times, some of these warranties may not always be honored. Homeowners may find themselves paying for structural repairs when their home structural warranty claims are denied. Individuals may be attracted to buying new houses protected by warranties because they believe that the houses may be better built. But, in come cases, when defects appear, homeowners may have difficulty collecting a claim.

Part of the problem with some new home structural warranties is that builders may claim that the warranties cover much more than the policy contracts may, in fact, cover. Because the warranties are often purchased by builders and not by consumers, consumers may not always be aware of what is and isn’t covered. Builders tell consumers about the warranty when the house is sold. However, if builders or sellers misrepresent the scope of the warranty, customers may find themselves at a loss when the time comes to make a claim. If your home has a structural defect and you are trying to make a home structural warranty claim in Jackson, Mississippi, you may want to speak to a lawyer. An attorney can review your warranty contract, take a look at how your warranty was presented to you during the sale of your house, and determine whether you have a case. The Heilman Law Group, PC is a homeowner’s insurance lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi who may be able to assist you.

How to Protect Yourself from a Denial of Builders’ Structural Warranty Claim

The best way to protect yourself from a denial of builders’ structural warranty claim is to do your homework before buying a house. If your seller tells you that the home has a warranty, ask to see the policy before making a purchasing decision. Know what is and isn’t covered in the policy. Be aware that many home structural warranties are limited in scope and may not cover everything. Prospective buyers should take steps to protect themselves and their investment by having the home inspected before purchase and making sure to take out proper homeowner’s insurance to cover floods, disasters, and other damage.

Homeowners should always ask builders to outline clearly what is and isn’t covered—in writing. Be wary of signing any documents in the closing that could limit your demands should you make a warranty claim. Unfortunately, many homeowners only look at their warranty and contract after they experience a problem.

If you do need to make a claim, you may want to do so in writing, and with an understanding of what your new home structural warranty insurance covers. You may also want to write to the builder, explaining the problems you are encountering. After all, if the problems stem from defects in workmanship or construction, your builder may be able to assist you. Some coverage only will protect you if cosmetic damage occurs. If you do encounter difficulties and you believe that the company isn’t honoring its warranty, you may wish to speak to a new home structural warranty claim lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi. The Heilman Law Group, PC understands the challenges homeowners face when they need to make repairs when their home is damaged. Our firm will review your case and help you better understand your rights.

How a Lawyer Can Help

If you are having trouble making a homeowner’s insurance claim or a claim on a warranty, your lawyer can review the language of your contract or warranty. Sometimes it can be difficult to disentangle what is and isn’t covered. According to the Federal Trade Commission, with new home structural warranties, you may be covered by the builder, by an independent company, or you may have purchased coverage on your own. Many government loans require homeowner’s to purchase warranties on new homes to protect the investment. It is important to go to the right company to make a claim. In some cases, individuals may have to make two claims to two separate companies, if they carry supplemental coverage.

Your lawyer can also review your insurance and warranty coverage to determine how long the warranty is valid. For instance, windows, heating, air conditioners, and electric systems may be covered for only one or two years. Some coverage protects owners from catastrophic structural defects for up to 10 years.

If you have a claim, you’ll want to follow the instructions for making a claim and put your claim in writing. Keep a record of all replies, including denial letters and reasons for denials. Your lawyer can review all records to help you settle your claim if you have a dispute with the warranty company or insurance. The Heilman Law Group, PC may be able to assist you if you believe your valid claim is being denied.

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For many families, their home is the biggest investment they’ve made. It can be stressful to learn that your home has defects in plumbing, structure, or electrical wiring. Repairs can sometimes be costly, adding up to tens of thousands of dollars. If your family holds a warranty for structural defects, or needs to make a new home structural warranty claim, it can help to know your rights. When claims are denied, families can experience immense financial burdens, and some have even lost their homes as a result. A lawyer may be able to assist you if you are having trouble with a valid claim. Contact the Heilman Law Group, PC today to learn more.

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