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Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi


Insurance companies and adjusters have a responsibility to insurance holders to handle claims fairly and within a reasonable time frame. You purchase insurance in order to protect yourself and your family, and insurance companies have a duty to honor their contract to you. However, there are cases where insurance adjusters or companies put their own interests above their obligations. When this happens, insurance holders may face serious difficulties paying for necessary repairs or other expenses.

The job of an insurance adjuster is to investigate a claim, determine the value of a claim, and make an offer to settle a claim for the lowest justifiable dollar amount possible. Insurance adjusters have an interest in saving the insurance company money, but they also have a duty to honor their obligations to insurance holders. An insurance adjuster has to do more than just offer you a low (but justifiable) settlement in order to be guilty. If an insurance adjuster is denying a claim without offering sound reasoning, if you feel that your settlement offer is unreasonably and unjustifiably low, or if an adjuster ignores facts or evidence, you may be able to pursue the insurance company in a lawsuit.

In order to win a lawsuit, you’ll have to show that the insurance company or adjuster acted in bad faith without an arguable basis. The attorneys at Heilman Law Group, PA are bad faith lawsuit lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi who handle a range of claims. Our firm will work closely with you to help you understand your rights and help you get the outcome you may deserve.

Signs of Bad Faith Tactics

How do you know if an insurance adjuster is acting in bad faith? Adjusters handle many cases and often have more knowledge of policies and laws than individuals who are filing a claim. This advantage can sometimes work against individuals who are seeking a fair insurance settlement. Here are some warning signs an insurance adjuster may be acting in bad faith:

• Your adjuster is ignoring facts and evidence, even if you have brought the information to his or her attention more than once.

• Your adjuster denies your claim but doesn’t offer reasoning for the denial in writing.

• Your adjuster takes a long period of time to investigate or handle your claim.

• Your adjuster or insurance company does not return your calls and does not respond within a reasonable timeframe to questions and concerns.

• Your adjuster fails to provide adequate reasoning when offering a settlement that appears low.

• Your adjuster uses false information, improperly informs you about the law, or engages in other fraudulent means to deny or delay your claim.

If you believe that your insurance provider may be acting in bad faith, you may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim. If you’ve been having difficulty with your insurance company in Jackson, Mississippi, a bad faith lawsuit lawyer may be able to help. Contact the Heilman Law Group, PA today to learn more.

How a Bad Faith Denial of Insurance Coverage Lawyer Can Help

A bad faith denial of insurance coverage lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi can help you by reading the fine print of your insurance coverage. Insurance coverage can sometimes be difficult to interpret. Understanding what is and isn’t covered in your policy is an important first step in negotiating with an insurance adjuster. Your lawyer will also look at your adjuster’s reasoning for denying your claim or offering you a lower settlement than you believe you deserve. If the reasoning isn’t sound, or if it is based on inaccurate or outdated information, your lawyer can correct these errors. Sometimes adjusters use computer programs or algorithms to estimate the amount to offer for a settlement. In some cases, these amounts may not reflect your actual bills or expenses. Furnishing an adjuster with actual evidence and quotes may be sufficient to negotiate a higher settlement. Finally, if your insurance company or adjuster has acted in bad faith, you may be able to collect more money in damages through a bad faith lawsuit. Proving bad faith in court can sometimes be difficult. This is why it is important to have a denial of insurance coverage lawyer on your side. The Heilman Law Group, PA works closely with each client to understand the nuances of each case, and to get the best outcome possible under the law.

When to Speak to a Denial of Fire Loss Claim Attorney in Jackson, Mississippi

Fire damage and losses due to fire can be devastating. Individuals who have fire loss insurance may file a claim believing that their insurance company will protect them when they need them the most. Unfortunately, some companies act in bad faith and deny fire loss claims without proper justification. If you’ve suffered a recent fire loss, here are some things to consider:

• File a claim in writing and keep all records and communication you exchange with your insurance company.

• Review your policy to see what is and isn’t covered.

• Take photos and make a list of all losses.

• Secure your home against theft if you cannot live in the house.

• Cooperate with investigators and provide as much information as you can.

• Don’t give a statement to investigators before consulting with a denial of fire loss claim attorney in Jackson, Mississippi.

• Be mindful of all deadlines in your insurance policy.
Fire loss claims can be denied for a number of reasons. Sometimes this occurs due to error, and sometimes this occurs due to insurance bad faith. The Heilman Law Group, PA can help you understand why your claim is being denied and help you fight for your rights.

If your claim is being denied or if you believe you deserve more money, contact the Heilman Law Group, PA. Our denial of fire loss claim lawyers may be able to help you.
Facing a Denial of Your Lightning Damage Claim in Jackson, Mississippi?

Lightning damage can lead to fires and other losses. Electrical systems can require repair. Lightning can either hit your home or an object near your home, thus causing damage. Denial of a lightning damage claim can be stressful for individuals and families facing massive and expensive repairs. The lightning damage claim lawyers at the Heilman Law Group, PA understand the unique challenges you may be facing. Our firm will investigate the facts of your claim and work to see that insurance companies honor their contractual obligations to you. If you need assistance with a claim, contact our firm today.

You May Only Have a Limited Time to Take Action

The law places limits on how long individuals have in order to make an insurance claim and file an insurance bad faith lawsuit. Sometimes, adjusters may even delay your claim in order to allow the statute of limitations to pass. If you are having difficulties with your insurance adjuster or insurance company, contact the Heilman Law Group, PA today to take action and get the recovery you may deserve. Our bad faith lawsuit lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi have your best interests in mind and fight for justice.


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