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Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi

Insurance companies have an obligation to their clients and customers to act in good faith when a customer or client has an insurance claim. Insurers and adjusters are required by the law to handle claims fairly, in accordance with the insurance contract. When an insurance company fails to meet its obligation to its clients, customers may lose money, have difficulty paying bills, or making repairs. Individuals who have experienced bad faith denial of insurance claims may have the right to sue an insurer under Mississippi law. Of course, every insurance claim denial doesn’t automatically constitute bad faith. Having a difference in opinion in how much your claim may be worth also doesn’t constitute bad faith. However, if you are having difficulty getting a settlement from your insurer or adjuster, you may want to speak to a denied insurance claim lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi. In some cases, with a lawyer’s help, individuals are able to collect the recovery they believe they deserve. The Heilman Law Group, PA are denied insurance claim lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi.

Denied Insurance Claim? When to Contact a Lawyer

If your insurance claim is being denied, it can be difficult to know what steps you should take, and whether it is appropriate to involve a lawyer. Insurance adjusters are highly skilled in handling claims and may provide a list of reasons as to why your claim is being denied. When should you seek the help of a denied insurance claim lawyer? Here are some warning signs that your insurance company may be handing your claim in bad faith:

• Your claim was denied without any reasons provided. If you spoke to an adjuster on the phone and your claim was denied, you may want to ask that your insurer or adjuster send you a written statement and reasoning for your denied claim. A written statement should tell you why your claim was denied. If you think the reasoning isn’t sound or if you aren’t provided with written documentation regarding why your claim was denied, you may wish to speak to a denied insurance claim lawyer.

• Your claim was improperly investigated. Insurance claims, whether they are for a car accident, for homeowner’s insurance, or for another policy, should always be properly investigated by an adjuster or independent investigator. Investigations into your claim should not be delayed. If the investigation was mishandled—for instance, if evidence was disturbed or tampered with—you may wish to speak to a denied insurance claim attorney. All evidence you provide for damages should be considered. If you feel that some evidence is being discounted or ignored, contact your insurer in writing about the evidence, and consider speaking to an attorney.

• Adjusters are offering a very low settlement for your claim. More and more often, insurance adjusters use algorithms and computer programs to estimate the value of claims. In some cases, these estimates may not be based on the actual damages you sustained, but on a lower estimate of damages that typically happen given a particular loss. This is why it is important to make sure that your insurance adjuster has all information available on your claim. You may want to ask how your adjuster arrived at his or her value for your claim. If your adjuster claims that certain repairs will cost less than they are estimated to cost you, you may want to dispute this with your insurer. However, if you believe you are being offered a very low settlement for your claim, it may be wise to speak to a denied insurance claim lawyer. Some insurance companies know that individuals face bills and expenses after a loss. Some rely on a client’s sense of urgency to pay bills, thus leading to the acceptance of lower estimates. If you think a settlement is too low, speak up.

• Denying a valid claim or delaying payment on a valid claim. Insurance companies have a responsibility to pay your valid claim promptly. Delaying a claim can be costly because it means you cannot perform the repairs you need to make.

• Failing to provide documentation. When you ask an insurance adjuster to provide his or her reasoning for denying a claim, he or she should provide you with this documentation in a reasonable time frame.

While few claims denials are performed in bad faith, individuals may not always understand the technical language of their insurance policies. This can lead to individuals getting lower settlements than they deserve or lead some individuals to accept lower settlements. If you are facing the challenge of having a denied insurance claim, contact the Heilman Law Group, PA, denied insurance claim lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi.

What to Do If Your Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Has Been Denied in Jackson, Mississippi

Individuals purchase homeowner’s insurance to protect them from fire, flood, storm, or burglary damages. Many purchase insurance for the peace of mind. Yet, when a homeowner’s insurance claim is denied, that security can be shattered. If your insurance claim has been denied, it is important to understand that you have rights. Always review your policy to see what is covered in the contract. If you have difficulty reading or understanding the contract, you may want to contact a homeowner’s insurance claim lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi. Your homeowner’s insurance adjuster should provide you with a denial letter. Review the letter and make sure that the reason for denial makes sense. In some cases, a denial can be reversed by providing better documentation of damages. You can always file an appeal. If your denial is unclear, ask for more information in writing, or speak to a homeowner’s insurance claim lawyer. The Heilman Law Group, PA understand how stressful and frustrating it can be face a denied homeowner’s insurance claim. If you have difficulties with your adjuster, you may want to contact our firm today.

Protecting Your Rights

Some insurance companies may want to protect their bottom lines. However, when they do so at the cost of policyholders who have valid claims, they should be held legally accountable. If your homeowner’s insurance claim has been denied or if you are having difficulty getting the recovery you believe you deserve, contact the Heilman Law Group, PA today to learn more about whether you may have a case. We’ll stand beside you every step of the way.


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